Repurposing Blog Posts: For Maximum Impact, Exposure, and Income

Here is an explanation of the process, or steps, involved in repurposing your blog posts into a saleable, money-making, format. It’s not a quick or easy way to make money from your blog posts. But, it is an interesting and practical way to take your blogging to a whole new level.

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What You Will Learn
1. You’ll learn some easy ways to enhance your blog posts by repurposing content.
2. You’ll learn about the “value-added add-ons” that I create from my blog posts.
3. You’ll learn how creating quality blog posts can help you build credibility and make money too.

Here is an explanation of the process, or steps, involved in repurposing your blog posts into a saleable, money-making, format. It’s not a quick or easy way to make money from your blog posts. But, it’s an interesting and practical way to take your blogging to a whole new level.

Enhancing your blog posts, and repurposing them into a saleable format, can really help you reach a much larger audience. Reaching a larger audience means that you and your writing can help a lot more people achieve success. This is the real reason that you write in the first place. And, you can make some money doing it too. It’s a win-win situation.

Repurposing Blog Posts: For Maximum Impact, Exposure, and Income (Infographic)

Step 1. Build An Amazing Blog Post
It all starts with one blog post. One beautifully written, well-thought-out, easy-to-read, and very helpful, blog post. And, as long as you’re providing high-quality content, you will be building credibility with your reading audience. This is essential if you plan on building an audience that will buy your products and services.

Ok, so now you have a great blog post. There are a few things that you can add to your blog post to help make it more impactful with your readers. These same things will also help make your post stand out from the crowd of other bloggers. I call these things “value-added add-ons.”

They can be such things as a tweetable quote, an infographic, offer a free PDF of the post, provide an audio podcast, and a video. (Many of my posts get these, but the videos are in the works right now.)

They are “value-added” because they are enhancing my post by making it easier for my audience to read, understand, and remember it. And, because some people prefer to read the post, some to visualize with an infographic, some to get a free PDF, some to listen to a podcast, and some to watch a video, I provide my audience with these additional sources. I provide all of these “add-ons” to my post to make it more accessible and impactful to a wider audience.

I do this because I think of each and every blog post as a product that I’m selling. But, in this case, not for money, but for credibility with my audience. Essentially, I’m selling myself. I need and want my audience to take my information and use it to their advantage.

I’m also trying to make the information in my blog post as helpful as possible – to as many people as possible. Those “add-ons” are a great way for me to get my point across to my readers. I also enjoy creating those add-ons.

They force me to fine-tune my message and make it as clear as possible for my readers. If you can’t get your message across to your readers as quickly and clearly as possible, you risk losing credibility and helping no one.

All of the value-added add-ons I talked about above are being created by repurposing the content within that very same blog post.

So, from one blog post, you will be able to:
1. Create a tweetable quote that can be used on Twitter;
2. Create an infographic that can be shared on your blog as well as on SlideShare;
3. Create a PDF of the post that can be given to readers in exchange for their email address; and,
4. Create an audio recording that can be repurposed as a podcast episode.

(I’m sure you can think of some other interesting and clever add-ons to enhance your blog posts. Please let me know.)

Now, let’s take all of that one step further, and make some money by repeating that very process. Onward to Step 2:

Step 2. Repurpose Your Blog Post To Make Money
Now that you have created many beautifully written, well-thought-out, easy-to-read, and very helpful blog posts, on a related topic, you can bundle them into a sellable product.

This step is much more complicated, and involves a lot more work. And a lot of time and patience. The learning curve for this part is much larger than the first part. But, this is where the money is to be made directly from your blog posts. And, it’s where the self-publishing part starts to get very interesting and fun.

Thank you to Joel Friedlander of for linking to my blog post from his blog Carnival Of The Indies #109

Here is a quick run-down of the process – or what I am planning to do.
1. You bundle your blog posts on a related topic, and create an ebook with them. There is a lot involved in doing this and will take you a while to figure out how to do it properly.

2. But, once your ebook is formatted properly, it can be uploaded to Amazon KDP in a matter of minutes.

3. Then, if you would like, create a paperback. This will also take you a while. The skills and knowledge you need to create a paperback book are different than that of an ebook.

4. Creating an audiobook is on the easy side, especially if you already have experience creating audio podcast episodes of your blog posts. But, again, there will be a lot of learning and time involved to create a proper and saleable audiobook.

5. Creating an online class seems like an interesting and fun way to profit from your bundle of blog posts. And now there are some very big and popular websites that make this process easy.

6. Creating an adult-ed class might be fun if you are interested in getting in front of an audience that wants to learn about your subject. I know that every high school and community college near me is always looking for people that want to teach an evening class. The income from this is very low, but it’s probably a great experience.


There you have it. A quick run-down, and the fundamentals, of repurposing your blog posts in such a way that helps you build credibility, and helps you to make some money. You can keep the process as simple as possible, and simply write your blog posts, and someday make an ebook.

Or, you can enhance your blog posts as much as possible, and build a large following of readers, and produce ebooks, paperback books, audiobooks, and classes. But, it all starts with that first good blog post.

Questions For Us To Think About And Discuss
1. Let me know what things you are adding, or have added, to your posts to make them easier to read and have a greater impact on your readers.
2. Share some of your thought processes when deciding on what you add to your blog posts to enhance them and make them more interesting.

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