What Is A Tweetable?

Tweetables can be a very practical and powerful way to improve the number of social shares that you can receive for your blog posts. Here I show you what they about, how they are typically used, and what they should look like.

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What You Will Learn
1. You will learn what a “tweetable” is all about.
2. You will learn some great reasons why you should be using them on your blog posts.
3. You will learn how and why tweetables can and should become a powerful part of your social media marketing plan.

Many of us have seen tweetables used on blog posts, but not always sure what they are about. I’ve seen them but wasn’t exactly sure what they were used for or how they helped a blog writer. Many times, I’ve found myself afraid to click on them because they looked too much like an advertisement. Because of this belief, I just avoided them, and instead shared any post that I liked by using the regular Twitter share button that was found on the particular blog post.

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But after I accidentally found out what they were called, I was able to research them and discover what they were really all about. I have since come to realize just how useful and powerful they can be if used properly. So, I wrote this blog post to share with you some of the information I have learned about tweetables.

A. What Is A Tweetable?
It’s a short statement, quote, sentence, or comment that can be embedded into a blog post. It’s designed, or formatted, in such a way that the reader can click on your quote, and it will be immediately shared on that person’s Twitter feed.

B.Why Add Tweetable Links To Your Blog Post?
You might typically tweet the title of your blog post, which links back to that specific post. But using a short quote from your blog post can sometimes be more intriguing than your post’s own title. This tweetable quote gives you a second way to share a tweet with your Twitter followers. In addition to this, a tweetable quote makes it painless and fast for your readers to click on the tweetable link in your post, and instantly share your quote on their Twitter timeline.

“Tweetables are a practical and powerful way to improve the number of social shares that you can receive.” (Tweet)

C. It Is Not The Typical Social Share Button
Your blog posts most likely already have social share buttons. These are typically made up of little icon buttons that your readers can click on and share your blog post on social media sites. The most common examples of these might be Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

D. It Provides An Additional Way For Readers To Share Your Post
What makes the tweetable so attractive is that when it’s embedded into your post, it gives your readers an alternative way to share your post. For example, the reader might like you and therefore share your post using one of the social share buttons. They might like your post’s title or the content, and then share your post for these reasons. But the tweetable quote, or comment, or sentence, gives them an extra reason to share your post.

E. What Is A Simple Easy Strategy For Using Tweetables?
A basic easy to accomplish strategy might be to:
1. Tweet your new blog post, using the title of the post in the tweet. You would simply click on your own Twitter social share button that is showing on that blog post. At a minimum, you should send this initial tweet after you post your article on your blog.
2. Then, either later that day, or the next day, click on your own tweetable quote that is embedded in your blog post.
3. Occasionally, re-tweet both again, separated by hours or days.

F. What Does A Tweetable Look Like?
Here is how a very basic tweetable might look in your blog post:

The completed tweetable as it appears in my blog post.

The completed tweetable as it appears in my blog post.

When done properly, and used consistently, tweetables can be a very practical and powerful way to improve the number of social shares that you can receive for your blog posts. Tweetables simply add one more easy, fast, and subtle way to ask your readers to share your blog posts with their own followers. Placing one or two tweetables into your blog posts can potentially become an important strategic part of your social media marketing plan.

Questions For Us To Think About And Discuss
1. Are you now convinced of the power of the tweetable to get you more social shares on Twitter?
2. Please share some of the ways that you like to use tweetables?

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