How a Book Foreword Can Help an Author’s Career

How a carefully written book foreword can boost the career and book sales of both the author of the book, AND the author of the foreword.

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What You Will Learn
1. You will learn how a carefully written book foreword can boost the career and book sales of both the author of the book AND the author of the foreword.
2. You will learn how and why a foreword helps both authors gain credibility, trust, and respect from the readers.
3. You will learn that a book foreword can give a strategic advantage over other authors who don’t understand how to utilize the marketing power of the foreword.

A credible book foreword can and should be, a powerful marketing tool for the author of the book, as well as for the author of the foreword. Both of these authors must not underestimate the power of a credible and authentic foreword, and how it can, if done correctly, forever enhance the career, and book sales, of both authors.

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1. Advantages For The Author Of The Book

a. Credibility
The book’s foreword, especially if written by someone who has already developed a stellar reputation, can certainly help the book’s author in countless ways. Not the least of which will be selling more books, helping to bring in new clients, and help build the book author’s credibility within his own market.

b. Leverage
Basically, the book’s author is hoping that the foreword author’s well-earned and well-known reputation will rub off onto the book’s author. For this reason, the book’s author needs to choose someone very carefully.

The hope is that the book’s author can leverage the foreword author’s reputation into boosting his own reputation and gain additional renown for himself. All of this can translate into a following of more readers and more connections on social media, and eventually more sales.

2. Advantages For The Author Of The Foreword

a. Gain Trust And Respect
The author of the foreword can also benefit in countless ways, especially IF the book is well-written and very credible. No one should write a book foreword for an author that is not very serious about the topic and has not taken the time to create a well-written, well-thought-out, and professional-looking book.

You must understand that as a prominent person in your field, readers and followers are looking to you for guidance, and trust your advice, about a particular subject matter. And by writing the foreword to a book, you are giving your blessing to the book’s author.

You are essentially telling your own audience, and the book author’s audience, that the book is worth reading and trusting. This relationship with the audience is not to be taken lightly or toyed with in the slightest. But if you write an honest and informative foreword, the audience will continue to give you their trust and respect.

b. Solidify Reputation
But, once the prominent person decides to write the foreword, writing a believable, unbiased, and honest foreword that can make an emotional connection with the reader, can help further solidify the foreword author’s reputation.

It can help solidify or enhance a reputation because all readers understand that the book foreword is always reserved for a person that plays a prominent role in the book author’s life or within an industry.

A published foreword will also show colleagues within the same market, or industry, that he is a special person of prominence in his particular topic. His own clients and prospects will see it the same way.


A well-written, carefully crafted, and credible book foreword is a win-win for both authors. This is because it can give both a strategic advantage over most other authors who don’t understand how to utilize the marketing power of a book foreword. As long as both authors choose each other carefully and with some fore-thought, and both understand that this author-author relationship can be long-lasting, both can benefit in many ways.

Questions For Us To Think About And Discuss
1. Can you think of any other ways that writing a foreword can benefit both authors?
2. Do you think that both authors should discuss what goes into a good foreword – before it is written?

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