3 Questions To Help You Discover Your Passion

How to start the questioning and exploration process that will help you discover your passion. Here are three basic questions that I believe you should ask yourself to help you start your journey to discovering your life’s passion.

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What You Will Learn
1. You will learn the three basic questions you should be asking yourself in order to start discovering your life’s passion.
2. You will learn that these three questions are simply a way to start the process of discovery.
3. You will learn that the process of discovering your passion will help make you a much happier and more productive person.

Searching for and discovering your passion or mission in life, and building a fulfilling life, can begin by asking yourself certain inward-looking questions. The answers to these questions are unique to each of us. And the learning and discovery process of searching for the answers to these questions will help you begin to formulate what you are passionate about in life. Hopefully, these questions will lead you to more questions and to more self-discovery.

Here are three basic questions that I believe you should ask yourself to help you start to discover your life’s passion:

Passion Discovery Question #1: What Gets You Fired Up?
What is your hot button? What gets you excited to jump up out of bed in the morning and immediately start working on? Is it that book idea that you have had for many years? What do your family and friends think your passion is? Why don’t you ask them? What do you have a strong opinion about? Soap-box issue? What gets a lively reaction out of you? These are just some of the most obvious questions that you need to be answering now.

Passion Discovery Question #2: What Career Would You Do For Free?
Assuming time and money was irrelevant, what would you be willing to do without collecting a paycheck? Answer this question as if you were independently wealthy. What do you think would be a great career fit for you? Would this activity with no pay enhance, or benefit from, your current career?

Passion Discovery Question #3: What Do You See That Is Wrong With The World Around You?
It doesn’t need to be a huge worldwide problem. It can be something as small or as simple as something related to gardening, or car washing, or whatever is a problem within your own surroundings or daily life. What is in your world that you would like to see improved? What is in your own life that you would like to improve? Maybe something personal about yourself? Maybe something about our society?


Discovering your passions will help make you a much happier and more productive person. Because once you discover and understand your passions, and what experiences in your life have led you up to this moment, your life can and will begin to build itself around these passions. Each of our lives is a work-in-progress. And this work takes planning and effort. Accept this and embrace it, and you will create a wonderful life with passion.

Questions For Us To Think About And Discuss
1. What paths are you exploring in the hope of finding your passion?
2. How and when did you discover your passion?

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