The Sell Sheet Book Cover Creation Screencast Video

This is a very short screencast video of me creating the book cover for my new book titled “The Sell Sheet”. I have received some positive feedback about the design of this cover. So, I made this video as a fun way to give a little insight into how I created it.

I use Adobe Illustrator to create the cover, and then at the end I covert it into a pdf using Adobe Acrobat. Please give it a thumbs-up if you liked it. Thx.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you found it helpful. Please share it.

Hashtags: #selfpublishing #bookmarketing

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About Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

I help make it easier for anyone with a passion for a subject – and a desire to help others by sharing their experience and knowledge – to self-publish nonfiction books that will help them build authority and credibility, establish them as thought leaders, and help them make more money. Kunz is a husband, father of twins, and the co-founder of Dickson Keanaghan, LLC, a medical training and publishing company near New York City.
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