7 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your Sell Sheet


A sell sheet is not as simplistic as it might first appear. It is much more that a short list of physical facts about your book, and a picture of you and your book. It is a sophisticated and calculated strategic marketing tool that can help you achieve several important goals at once. The following seven questions will help you develop an amazing and powerful sell sheet. Continue reading

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Sell Sheet Terminology For New Self-Publishers

Book sell sheets are an essential and integral part of a book’s marketing and publicity plans. And having a professional looking sell sheet can easily and quickly distinguish you and your book from the others. Book retailers, wholesalers, libraries, news outlets, and book reviewers, are all overwhelmed with sell sheets from authors and publishers. Continue reading

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Free Ebook: 10 Signs That You Are NOT Ready To Self-Publish

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10 Signs That You Are NOT Ready To Self-Publish

10 Signs That You Are NOT Ready To Self-Publish ebook

Are you really ready – not just your manuscript, but you – to self-publish? Here is a list of the most important things you must consider before getting into self-publishing. (You can right click the image and open it and/or save it any way you’d like.)

It is my hope that this ebook will answer some of your questions about entering the world of self-publishing. But please know that if you have any further questions, you’re welcome to contact me at any time.

I am looking forward to getting your thoughts on this ebook!

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The Five Elements Of Successful Online Marketing


If you have any hopes of making money with your self-published book, you will need to become familiar with online marketing. But, if you self-published your book just for the sake of seeing your name in print, that is fine too. But if you want to share your book with the world, and make some money doing that, you will need to treat your book like a business. And that means learning about marketing, especially online marketing. Here are the five basic elements of a successful online marketing plan. Continue reading

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Create A Great Book Dedication In 4 Easy Steps


Finally, your book is approaching the finish line. And now you may be agonizing over the book’s final title, the cover design, the acknowledgement’s page, and the dedication. And everyone has an opinion about all of that – except for the dreaded dedication. But don’t worry. With a little bit of planning, the dedication can be one of the easiest things to create. So don’t let yourself get stressed over your next dedication. Follow this helpful guide to creating a great book dedication. Continue reading

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Sell Sheets: A Guide For New Self-Publishers

Sell Sheet Example

Sell Sheet Example

What Is A Sell Sheet?
A sell sheet (sometimes called a “one-sheet” or a “tip-sheet”) is a one-sheet flyer that promotes a book and its author. The major point of a sell sheet is to convey your book’s benefits in a short and concise manner. It is used to help you market your book directly to book buyers. It is not a press release. You should use it to promote and sell your book to retailers, wholesalers, and even consumers. You should also include your sell sheet in your book’s media kit so that news media, book reviewers, and book store retailers can have specific details about your book and your marketing plans. Remember, a press release should focus on the news that you or your book is making. The press release is a way to share information and is saying, “Hey, look at me, I have some news-worthy information to share with you.” Conversely, a sell sheet is more of an announcement that your book is out and available. The sell sheet is saying, “Hey, look at me, I have published a new book and I want you to buy it. Here is all the information that you need to know before buying my book.” Continue reading

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Habits Of The Wealthiest People (Infographic)

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The world’s richest people come from a variety of backgrounds. There are, however certain traits that are common amongst them. Wealthy is defined as earning at least $160,000 annually and holding at least $3.2 million in assets. Continue reading

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KunzOnPublishing.com Blog Up and Running Again

Michele & Joseph KunzThank you very much for taking the time to visit with us. We were having technical difficulties with our blog. But our team has now fixed them. We are almost finished rebuilding our blog, and we hope to be up and running at full speed in the next several days.

Thank you very much for your patience.


Joe Kunz

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Direct Mail Marketing For The Self-Publisher

When it comes to marketing your self-published book, there are a number of options open to you. One of the most ignored marketing methods at your disposal is direct mail marketing. For a small cost, you can reach your sales prospects in a short space of time. Many self-publishers have probably forgotten the power of this marketing strategy – or don’t believe that this method can work for a tech-savvy self-publisher. And, online and social media marketing strategies have, for the most part, replaced what was once viewed as the most effective marketing strategy. But, a complete and successful marketing plan cannot ignore direct-mail marketing. Continue reading

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Making Money from Viral Videos on YouTube (Infographic)

Love it or loathe it, you can’t have failed to have missed it – the phenomenon that was Psy’s Gangnam Style dominated our speakers, TV screens, computer monitors, tablets, phones and even night-clubs in late 2012.

There was no escaping it, and keen to cash in before the window of fame opportunity closes, Psy will no doubt be releasing further crazy “K-pop” hits for us all to learn the dance moves to – or not, as the case may be. Continue reading

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