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The Top Reasons Non-Fiction Books Do NOT Achieve Success

Synopsis Why isn’t my non-fiction book selling more copies? Why is my book a failure? Why don’t I feel successful as a self-publisher? These common questions can sometimes be difficult to answer very quickly. And the answer isn’t always as … Continue reading

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What Makes A Great Sell Sheet?

Synopsis On its surface, the sell sheet might simply look like a static piece of marketing material. But under the surface it is actually a practical, useful, and powerful marketing tool. Here is a quick discussion of the 3 key … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Self-Publishers Should Avoid Selling To Bookstores

Editors Note: This post has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Click here to read the new post. Introduction Trying to get bookstores to accept your book and give it shelf space is very time-consuming and difficult … Continue reading

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The 10 Pros Of Self-Publishing

1. Retain control of your publication: This is probably the most important reason.
2. Keep larger percentage of the profits: You are going to work long hard hours to bring your finished publication to the market, you should benefit financially as much as possible.
3. Get your publication into the market very fast: Traditional publishers can take many, many months to do what a self- […] Continue reading

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