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What Is Print-On-Demand (POD) Publishing?

Synopsis Print-on-demand (POD) publishing is a way to have books immediately printed and bound AFTER a customer places an order for the book. This can be a very efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to get books into the hands of … Continue reading

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Jump-Start Your Self-Publishing Business In 10 Steps

10 Steps To Self-Publishing Your First Book Synopsis These ten steps will help you painlessly jump-start your new self-publishing business. Although most of these steps are not difficult to accomplish, I believe that they will help you quickly lay the … Continue reading

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POD Costs And Profits Using Amazon And Lightning Source

Here is a simply analysis of selling a book using Amazon and Lightning Source. This analysis will show you how much money you will get for each book that you sell on Amazon. This will help you understand how Amazon and Lightning take their cut, and what you end up with. Continue reading

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