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The Importance of Sincerity When Writing Non-Fiction

Synopsis Sincerity is extremely important to all of us because it helps to build trust with each other. And trust is one the fundamental building blocks to developing a lasting and rewarding relationship. It’s especially important for non-fiction writers to … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Reader’s Needs AND Wants Can Lead To Higher Book Sales

Synopsis Your needs and wants, as an author, can be surprisingly and distinctly different than those of your reader. But, once you realize these differences between you and the reader, you can then focus your attention on truly understanding who … Continue reading

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2 Essential Ingredients That Make A Book Foreword Great

Synopsis A foreword is an essential marketing tool for your non-fiction book. If it’s written properly, and with some understanding and forethought about its role in your book’s success, it can have a substantial impact on your book sales. In … Continue reading

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