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Document Lamination: A Guide For Self-Publishers

As a self-publisher (or niche publisher, or micro-publisher) selling books, you will eventually get involved with selling your information in booklet form. These booklets can be from one sheet of paper, up to several pages long. Selling information this way tends to be more profitable. These short booklets can be created from the information contained in your book. These booklets can be sold or given away as a way to build interest in your other books.

One format for selling this information is with documents that have been laminated with a baked-on plastic cover (called a pouch). In this article I want to discuss laminating one-sheet documents. In our case, we call them “laminated study guides”. We also sell these same documents as downloadable pdf’s (ebooks) without the lamination – for a slightly lower price. We call these “downloadable study guides”. Continue reading

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