Self-Publishing, by Gerald Mackenthun

Thank you to author Gerald Mackenthun, author of Self-Publishing, for using my material in his book.


Self-Publishing, by Gerald Mackenthun, front cover

Book Description in English, from Amazon:

Quickly offer a text on Kindle and become a millionaire! That sounds too simple to be true. Only very few authors manage to make the leap into lucrative publicity. For most of the rest, self-publishing remains a tedious business. Plus, Kindle doesn’t do it. Electronic books will remain a niche product, at least in Germany for the time being. The printed form is still preferred.

While other manuals stop at Kindle eBooks, this guide goes beyond that. The universal ePub format for electronic books and the print-on-demand process are discussed in detail using the examples of the platforms Epubli, Books on Demand (BoD), Traditional, and CreateSpace (Amazon).

For better marketing, having your own ISB number and access to the directory of deliverable books (VLB) are essential. This book also contains practical information on this.

The content of the manual was expanded again in a fourth edition in March 2018, including a large chapter “Advertising and Marketing”.


Self-Publishing, by Gerald Mackenthun, back cover

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Self-Publishing, by Gerald Mackenthun, Table of Contents


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