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Jump-Start Your Self-Publishing Business In 10 Steps

10 Steps To Self-Publishing Your First Book Synopsis These ten steps will help you painlessly jump-start your new self-publishing business. Although most of these steps are not difficult to accomplish, I believe that they will help you quickly lay the … Continue reading

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7 Tips To Working With Your Spouse As A Business Partner

Synopsis Here is a list that my wife Michele and I have created to share with other married business partner couples. We have been learning and practicing how to be good marriage partners, business partners, and writing partners, for the last … Continue reading

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Start A Self-Publishing Business While You Maintain Your Regular Job

“Self-Publish, But Keep Your Day Job” Synopsis The reality of self-publishing is that most authors make little or no money from self-publishing. You must understand that it is going to take a lot of time and effort on your part … Continue reading

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27 Websites For Managing, Promoting, And Marketing Your Self-Published Books

Here is a list of websites that I have found to be essential to managing, promoting, and marketing my publishing business and my publications. They are listed in a random order: Continue reading

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