1. Books About Self-Publishing That I’ve Written
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3. Medical Books That I’ve Published With My Wife Michele

The Sell Sheet: Learn How To Create And Use This Powerful Marketing Tool To Improve Your Book Sales, By Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

The Sell Sheet:
Learn How To Create And Use This Powerful Marketing Tool To Improve Your Book Sales

By Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

From Amazon: “A book’s sell sheet is a key component of a well-thought-out and complete marketing plan. And by utilizing a professional-looking sell sheet, together with a complete media kit, and a great website, you will be able to distinguish you and your book from the thousands of others trying to get attention.

A sell-sheet is not as simplistic as it might first appear. It is much more than a simple list of physical facts about your book, and a picture of you and your book. It is a sophisticated and calculated strategic marketing tool that can help you achieve several important goals at once.”

The Self Made Indian Dream cover front

The Self Made Indian Dream:
The Entrepreneurial Awakening

by Vinodh Subramanian

Thank you to Vinodh Subramanian for sharing a quote from one of my articles in his new book.

The story of how the new Indian middle class achieves success despite disadvantages.

From Amazon: “Inside The Self Made Indian Dream, you will discover what this new Indian dream is all about and how this new Indian dream is driving the new Indian middle class to achieve their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is increasingly possible for anyone regardless of their age, gender, caste, education or background.”

The Big Book Of Business Quotations (Cover), by Johnnie L. Roberts

The Big Book of Business Quotations:
Over 1,400 of the Smartest Things Ever Said about Making Money

by Johnnie L. Roberts

Thank you to Johnnie L. Roberts for publishing and sharing one of my business quotes in his new book.

From Amazon: “Roberts is a veteran national journalist, ghost-writer and editor, and communications expert. He has been a senior writer for The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and The Time Warner, Michael Jackson, and the corporate-data giant Dun and Bradstreet were subjects of his prize-winning investigative stories.

He is the ghostwriter, editor, and book doctor of seven books focused on, among other matters, the fashion industry, the life of a Zimbabwean Sephardi, and the world view of a German-Jewish immigrant.”

Publetariat Omnibus Ebook that features some of my articles

Publetariat Omnibus, 2008-2012:
The Most Popular And Practical Posts From The First Four Years Of

Edited and Published by April L. Hamilton

Thank you to April Hamilton for publishing and sharing two of my articles in her new book for self-publishers.

From Amazon: “A collection of the best and most popular articles written by the contributors to the website. The book contains 67 articles about all aspects of publishing, written by 21 authors.

A compendium of advice, lessons learned and how-tos from leading authors, publishing industry pros, consultants and subject area experts, drawn from the first four years of’s operation.

They’ve been there, done that, and now they’re sharing their lessons learned.”



by Gerald Mackenthun

Thank you to author Gerald Mackenthun, author of Self-Publishing, for using my material in his book.

From Amazon: “Quickly offer a text on Kindle and become a millionaire! That sounds too simple to be true. Only very few authors manage to make the leap into lucrative publicity. For most of the rest, self-publishing remains a tedious business. Plus, Kindle doesn’t do it. Electronic books will remain a niche product, at least in Germany for the time being. The printed form is still preferred.

While other manuals stop at Kindle eBooks, this guide goes beyond that. The universal ePub format for electronic books and the print-on-demand process are discussed in detail using the examples of the platforms Epubli, Books on Demand (BoD), and CreateSpace (Amazon).”