The Top Reasons Non-Fiction Books Do NOT Achieve Success (Infographic)


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How Do I Define Success?

I believe that most of us that write and publish books are after two main things:

1. Some amount of financial return for the hard work we put into creating and publishing our books; and,

2. Critical acclaim for ourselves and for our books, from our peers, co-workers, readers, family, etc.

This graphic shows you some of the most common mistakes, missteps, and errors that can slow you down from achieving these two goals.

But with hard work and research, some honest assessment of your own writing and book, and forcing yourself to make some hard decisions about your book, you can fix any of these problems.

And by doing so, you will be well on your way to creating a successful book that can help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

The Top Reasons Non-Fiction Books Do NOT Achieve Success (Infographic)

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How I Gathered This Information
These survey results are based on my discussions with 47 authors who have written and published at least two non-fiction books. Their answers were based on their own personal experiences, their knowledge of the book publishing industry, and their own discussions with other non-fiction authors.

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About Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

I help make it easier for anyone with a passion for a subject – and a desire to help others by sharing their experience and knowledge – to self-publish nonfiction books that will help them build authority and credibility, establish them as thought leaders, and help them make more money. Kunz is a husband, father of twins, and the co-founder of Dickson Keanaghan, LLC, a medical training and publishing company near New York City.
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