Sell Sheet Questionnaire For Self-Publishers

Click here to download a free PDF of this questionnaire.

Start building your book’s sell sheet by filling in this template. Some information in Part I might not apply to you, so leave those parts blank.

If you fill in the blanks in Part I, and then carefully and honestly answer the questions in Part II, you will be well on your way to creating a great sell sheet.

Part I: Compile the following information:

1. Picture/image in jpg format

2. Description of book from back cover and introduction

3. Title of book

4. Subtitle

5. Author name

6. Co-author name

7. Author photograph in jpg format

8. Foreword author’s name

9. Publisher’s name and address

10. BISG category where your book can be found in the bookstore

11. ISBN 13 Bookland barcode with price barcode for at least one of the main formats

12. QR code for the book’s website, in jpg format

13. Format, such as pdf, paperback, hardcover, ebook

14. Publication date that your book will be available for sale

15. Pages: this can mean total page count between the covers, or from chapter 1 to the end of the last chapter

16. Cover price

17. Trim size, such as 5.5” x 8.5”; 6” x 9”

18. Available from which retailers, wholesalers, and distributors

19. Marketing plans that you have developed to market this book

20. Quotes/testimonials/blurbs

21. Call-to-action, such as “buy now on amazon”; or visit my website for more information

Part II: Answer the following questions:

The Professor And The Sell Sheet Book1. What Is Your Objective For This Sell Sheet?
What is your most important goal? Second most important? Third?

2. What Information Will Help You Achieve Your Objective?
Start by listing everything you might want to include about your book.

3. Who Is Your Audience For This Sell Sheet?

4. What Can You Say To Grab The Reader’s Attention?

5. What Benefit Will Your Audience Get From Reading Your Book?

6. Why Should Someone Buy Your Book Over All Of The Others That Are Available? What is your unique selling point? Why are you the one to be writing this book? Why You?

7. What Do You Want Your Sell Sheet Reader To Do?

Thank you for reading this. I hope you found it helpful. Please share it.

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