Video Marketing Tips: What Real Business Owners Are Doing

Business owners Michele and Joseph Kunz share their advice and experiences in an interview with journalist Jason Moreau about using video marketing as part of their overall marketing plan.

Author: Jason Moreau

According to Marketing Sherpa, a third of all online activity is spent watching videos, YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world, and video increases the understanding of a product or service by 74%. With stats like these, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are figuring out how to add video into their marketing mix.

But how, exactly, should small businesses be using video? After all, not everyone has a huge budget for video or the talent in-house to create them. How can a small business successfully weave videos into their marketing plans without going broke or insane?

Video Marketing Tips: What Real Business Owners Are Doing. An interview with business owners Michele and Joseph Kunz about using video marketing

Video Marketing Tips: What Real Business Owners Are Doing. An interview with business owners Michele and Joseph Kunz about using video marketing

We put a call out to small business owners to share their experiences using video. The response was incredible, and there were some consistent messages we heard repeatedly, including the following:

• When it comes to video marketing, follow Nike’s mantra, and just do it. Start small, but getting started is the key.
• Be mindful of lighting and sound, since those are the biggest factors that can affect how well a video comes out. (But that doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive equipment.)
• Pay attention to ROI. Like any other marketing initiative, you want your videos to work for you, so you need to think about things like ROI and analytics.
• Promote your videos, especially through social media.
• Be human, be real. Videos connect us, one person to another.
• Have fun. This one is self-explanatory.

Below are some highlights from the people we heard from, including actual videos followed by advice from the business owners who created them.

Using Videos to Educate: Meet Michele G. Kunz, MSN, ANP, RN-BC

About: Michele Kunz is a nursing educator and AHA certified instructor. Her company (which she owns with her husband Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.) has been providing American Heart Association certification classes in the New York City region since 1984. She has a medical training website, a publishing website, and, of course, a YouTube Channel, which has over 4,600 subscribers. (Note: Joseph responded to our questions, so the answers below come directly from him.)

How the company uses video: “Most of our videos are actual training lessons in video form. These videos relate directly to our classroom material. We require all of our students to watch our videos before coming to class. In this way we can make sure that everyone in the class is familiar with the material that will be discussed in class. Our videos also help bring in new first-time students that were not familiar with our services before watching our videos.”

“Some of our videos are created to promote our medical training study publications that we sell online, mostly through Amazon. Some of our videos cover topics that are not generally covered in our class, topics such as going on a job interview at a hospital, or about becoming an instructor, etc.”

How the videos are created: “We create all of our videos by ourselves. We use a Sony HD video camera with a shotgun microphone and a tripod. We have also recently purchased professional video lighting. Proper lighting and sound is always a challenge, but we get better at it with each video. We process the videos using Adobe PremierePro software. We then upload the videos to YouTube and to iTunes.”

Measuring ROI: “We measure ROI by (1) the number of views that our videos receive on YouTube; (2) the number of students that email us for the first time telling us that they saw our videos and now want to take a class with us; (3) the boost in our publication sales every time that we upload a new video.”

Video marketing tips and tricks: “The best advice I can give to a small business that is thinking about doing some video marketing, is that they should start as soon as possible. Stop dragging their feet because they are afraid that their video will not look super professional, or like a high-budget production. The most important reason for marketing for a small business is to make an emotional connection with your audience, your customers, and your prospects. The more you can make an emotional connection with your audience, the more they will buy your products and services.”

“Video is by far the most powerful way to do this. For a small business to create a video that is too perfect, or too high budget could easily backfire with your customers—plus it could break the bank account. Concentrate on creating videos that show your passion for your products and services, and your desire to help your customers fix their problem or improve their lives. Do this, and your reputation, your credibility, your brand, and your sales will go up.”

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We would also like to thank Robyn Bradley of Precision Marketing Group, LLC, for including us in this article.

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