Making Money from Viral Videos on YouTube (Infographic)

Love it or loathe it, you can’t have failed to have missed it – the phenomenon that was Psy’s Gangnam Style dominated our speakers, TV screens, computer monitors, tablets, phones and even night-clubs in late 2012.

There was no escaping it, and keen to cash in before the window of fame opportunity closes, Psy will no doubt be releasing further crazy “K-pop” hits for us all to learn the dance moves to – or not, as the case may be.

As the creator of the first and only video to exceed 1 billion views in the entire history of YouTube, Psy is regarded as the viral star of 2012, and some have even referred to him as the King of YouTube.

However, Psy isn’t the only person to make a fortune from his videos. Since the launch of YouTube by Google in 2006, over 1 million users in 30+ countries have earned money through advertising with YouTube’s Partner Program.

What’s great about YouTube is that your video needn’t be a big-budget Hollywood production in order to go viral and make you rich… Some of the most popular videos are simply of people talking to a camera in the confines of their bedroom. Homemade comedy sketches and dances are also popular, along with beauty tutorials, reviews/how-to videos and even un-boxing and shopping ‘haul’ videos.

All you really need is a decent video camera, a computer and maybe a prop or two – oh and bucket loads of creativity or comedy genius.

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Image source: MoneySuperMarket

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