New Book About Publishing Features My Articles

Publetariat Omnibus, 2008-2012:
The Most Popular and Practical Posts From
the First Four Years of

Publetariat Omnibus Ebook that features some of my articles

Authors: Alan Baxter, Julian Block, Mark Coker, Melissa Conway, Nick Daws, Joel Friedlander, April L. Hamilton, Joseph C. Kunz, Jr., Cheri Lasota, M. Louisa Locke, Shannon O’Neil, Joanna Penn, Virginia Ripple, Fay Risner, Mick Rooney, L.J. Sellers, Dana Lynn Smith, Bob Spear, Richard Sutton, and Toni Tesori

Editor: April L. Hamilton

Book Description
A collection of the best and most popular articles written by the contributors to the website. The book contains 67 articles about all aspects of publishing, written by 21 authors.

A compendium of advice, lessons learned and how-tos from leading authors, publishing industry pros, consultants, and subject area experts, drawn from the first four years of’s operation. They’ve been there, done that, and now they’re sharing their lessons learned.

Here you’ll find everything from craft advice to tax advice, from marketing tips to design walkthroughs, from self-editing how-tos to copyright boilerplate you can use in your own book, and more! Having these 67 collected articles is like having a publishing consultant, editor, designer, and business adviser by your side as you set out on your own indie publishing path.

From The Introduction
It’s hard to believe, but in February of 2013, will celebrate its fifth anniversary. In just a few short years, indie authorship has gone from being a mocked and belittled fringe publishing activity to a respected, mainstream business choice for established and new authors alike, and Publetariat’s readership has grown in tandem with the rise of the indie author and digital publishing.

In this book, I’ve attempted to collect the most popular and practical posts from Publetariat’s first four years in operation. My hope is that readers will find this a very useful handbook and resource, and will be able to refer to it again and again as they navigate the uncertain terrain of writing and indie authorship.

Within these virtual pages, you’ll find practical advice, how-tos and lessons learned on writing, editing, design, publishing, the business side of authorship (including advice from a tax expert), book sales and promotion, and the writing life.

The book would not have been possible without the generosity of the original post authors, all of whom have graciously given their permission for their work to be reproduced in this volume. Please visit their sites, buy their books, and retain their services: they’re all experienced professionals and deserving of your support.

Herein you’ll find the same familiar “department” headings as those used on the Publetariat site, and the posts you’ll find in each section of the book are reproduced in their full, original length (and language, so don’t be surprised to find some profanity and European English spelling here and there). -April L. Hamilton

Thank you for reading this. I hope you found it helpful. Please share it.

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