Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Statements

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Great Customer Testimonials Must Contain The Following:

1. It should explain to your buying audience about how they will benefit from reading your book.

2. It should speak directly and specifically to your audience’s need (the reason that they are buying your book).

3. They are short and get directly to the point in just a few sentences.

4. They are signed with a customer’s name, title, employer, city, and state.

5. The ultimate testimonial will also have a photograph attached to it.

Here are several examples, with the names changed, to give you an idea of what a great customer testimonial statement should look like:

Linkedin - Great Customer Testimonial Statements

Linkedin – Great Customer Testimonial Statements

“Michele’s book helped me finally understand ACLS. Her book made it so clear and easy to understand. Reading Michele’s book and watching her YouTube videos made studying for the exam fun and easy. It was almost as if I had Michele right next to me helping me study. Because of her book, I was no longer falling behind in my studies, and was finally able to pass the AHA certification exam on my first attempt.”
Sandy Squire, RN, ANP, Palm University Hospital, Bikini Bottom, FL, SuperAmazingNurse.com

“Michele’s book is very well done. The minute I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I have studied for and taken the ACLS and BLS certification exam in the past – but I always had trouble memorizing all the essential information – even after the exam is over. This book is clear and concise and offers much more information than I expected. Thank you and I am looking forward to using your PALS book.”
Heidi Miller, Meteroite Springs University Memorial Hospital, Meteroite Springs, CO

“Michele and Joe – you have no idea how much you have helped me and how much time you have saved me. The question and answer with explanation format is the best way to study and remember the information. Your book made studying for the AHA certification exams a breeze. Thank you very much.”
Candy MacMillan, RN, Director of Nursing Staff, Perth Surgi-Center, Los Angeles, California

“I would actually like to take the time to thank you both. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail about the AHA exams that you had in your books. I spent a few hours reading and studying your books and was impressed to say the least. In my job I am expected to know this information and be able to recall it at a moment’s notice. Your books are an easy way for me to memorize the essential information and stay current. And your books helped me pass the certification exams on my first attempt! An excellent book at a very reasonable price. Thank you again.”
Jason Costanza, PhD, RN, Director of Emergency Services, Dixon County Emergency Services, Clovis Point, OK

“Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your book was just what I was looking for: a great way to quickly and painlessly pass the ACLS and BCLS exams. I have looked for some time trying to find a good study aid like your books and haven’t had much success. Thanks for filling this niche!”
Michelle Heard, RPA-C, Theil State University Hospital & Medical Center, Austin, TX

“As the nurse manager of my unit, I feel that we must be the best we can be – for the sake of our patients and for our careers. I must tell you that taking the class with Michele carries weight in our medical community. Every nurse in my hospital knows about Michele and what a great teaching job she does. Michele is truly a nurse’s nurse. I admire what she does, and how she does it. As a nurse manager I am very happy to know that Michele is training my nurses, and that she is just a phone call away. I mandate that all of my nurses study Michele’s books for ACLS, BLS, and PALS before attending her classes.”
Judy Kingdom, RN, Nursing Manager, Wintergreen Medical Center, Garden City, NY, JudyTheNurse.com

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